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This website is an online VW parts catalog for our authorized Volkswagen car dealership. At DiscountVWparts.com we sell only genuine OEM VW replacement parts. And, as the name implies, they're all priced at wholesale. We pass the low overhead online cost savings to you! When you buy on this website, each and every OEM VW part is shipped directly to you from our Volkswagen dealership's parts department (pictured below). We’ve made certain that our online VW parts catalog is easy to use so that you can find items quickly. We hope you enjoy your shopping experience.

Image: Exterior of our Volkswagen car dealership.

About our OEM VW parts catalog

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts help ensure that your VW vehicle continues to perform at high Volkswagen standards. That’s precisely why Discount VW Parts sells only genuine OEM VW replacement parts. OEM VW parts are designed, engineered, and thoroughly tested to meet the high-performance standards set forth by Volkswagen. So they offer precise fitment for your specific Volkswagen model ensuring proper performance and longevity. Inside our OEM VW parts catalog, you'll find VW OEM part numbers, VW parts lists, and VW parts diagrams (like the one shown below). The diagrams help you visually identify the precise part you need, plus any important surrounding parts.

Image: Example parts diagram of VW TDI engine with actual TDI engine beside it.

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You can shop our online OEM VW parts catalog 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All inquiries and orders are processed during our regular business hours noted below (Pacific Time). Our business hours are subject to change and may vary during special occasions and holidays.

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